wrinkles, crows feet, anti-aging, best dermatologist near me

10 skincare mistakes to avoid

wrinkles, crows feet, anti-aging, best dermatologist near me

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Your skin is your largest organ; it’s important to take care of it! If you’ve done any of these 10 skincare mistakes before, they are easy to fix.


  1. Wearing Makeup to Bed

Many people are guilty of doing this. Even if you’ve had a late night out, and you’re exhausted, make sure you take your makeup off before you go to sleep. If you sleep in your makeup, you risk causing breakouts or premature aging of the skin. You can use reusable makeup pads or a facial cleanser to make sure your skin is completely makeup-free before going to bed.


  1. Not Washing Your Bedding Often Enough

Washing your sheets and pillow cases can be a lot of work, but it’s very important to wash them each week. Your pillow case actually has more bacteria than your toilet seat, because each night your skin sheds up to 15 million skin cells. The dead skin cells quickly attract dust mites and can easily cause acne. If you lay on your bed and pillows when you do have makeup on, that makeup can rub off, and then transfer back onto your face, clogging up your pores.

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  1. Wearing Too Much Makeup

The amount of makeup that is “too much” to wear is somewhat subjective. However, makeup tends to seep into your skin and clog your pores after it’s been sitting on your face all day. It’s best to avoid makeup with oils, and apply it with a lighter hand. We prefer powders over liquid foundations.

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  1. Over-washing Your Face

While you should be washing your face every day, be careful not to over-wash it. When you wash your face too frequently, it can cause your skin to become too dry and damage your skin’s oil barrier, which results in premature aging. For people who have oily skin, over-washing can make your face even more oily, because it forces the oil glands to work harder and produce more oil.


  1. Choosing the Wrong Diet for Your Skin

Your diet has a huge impact on your skin. Antioxidant-rich foods in particular have a protective effect on the skin. Try these skin-friendly foods:

  • Carrots
  • Apricots
  • Spinach and other leafy green vegetables
  • Tomatoes
  • Berries
  • Beans, peas, and lentils
  • Salmon, mackerel, and other fatty fish
  • Nuts


  1. Not Cleaning Your Phone

Studies show that your phone carries 10x more bacteria than most toilet seats. This bacteria can lead to acne, as you are constantly touching your phone either directly to your face, or touching your face right after using your phone. Make sure you clean your phone with rubbing alcohol regularly, as well as wash your hands before and after you touch your phone.


  1. Using the Same Towel for Your Face and Body

It may be convenient to use one towel for both your face and body, but it is a bad habit that can cause damage to your skin. Bacteria and fungus begin to accumulate on your towels after you’ve used them. Use a separate towel for your face and make sure you are regularly washing your towels.


  1. Using Rough Facial Scrubs

Although facial scrubs are popular, they are not always the best option for your skin, especially if you have more sensitive skin. Harsh facial scrubs can significantly damage your skin. They have particles with jagged edges that can cause micro-tears in your skin, leaving you vulnerable for bacteria and inflammation. This can also lead to further acne problems. Instead of a rough face scrub, try using a mild chemical exfoliant when washing your face.


  1. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things you can do, not only for your skin, but your mind and body. Aim for 6-8 hours per night; your skin needs that time to rest and repair itself from any inflammation that may have occurred during the day.

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  1. Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your lungs, however, it’s just as bad for your skin. There are some ingredients in cigarettes that can block the production of collagen, which can lead to premature aging.


If you’ve made any of these 10 skincare mistakes, don’t worry, they are easy to fix! Many of these mistakes can be fixed by changing your habits or switching out products for more skin-friendly options. If you have any questions about any of these skincare mistakes, contact us by clicking the button below and we’d be happy to discuss your personal skin story and how we can help.