dermatologist recommended, sunscreen, spf

10 Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin This Summer

dermatologist recommended, sunscreen, spf

With summer right around the corner, the days are getting longer and hotter by the minute and your skin is screaming for more protection. So, it’s essential that you adjust your skincare game accordingly to avoid any unwanted skin issues. Check out these 10 ways you can take care of your skin this summer!

Wash Your Face

If you have oily skin, your skin can become even more oily than normal in the summer. Use a face wash that works for your skin type to remove all of the dirt and grime built up on your skin.

People with dry skin, opt for a mild, PH balancing foaming cleanser. Specifically, choose one that is alcohol-free to avoid drying out your skin.

Our Gentle Foaming Cleanser! and (whatever the name of our antioxidant cleanser is called) will work on all skin types, including normal and problem skin.

Stay Hydrated

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Drinking water is not only good for your skin but also helps get rid of toxins in the body. In the summer, you should be drinking a minimum of 2-3 liters a day in order to stay hydrated on hot days.



Exfoliating helps to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin and makes room for new skin cells to grow. (that intensive smoothing cream isn’t meant for the face. We have something similar to exfoliating in one of the other blogs if you can take something from that. I don’t like physical scrubs, only chemical scrubs as mentioned in past blogs).



sunscreen, best sunblock, recommended by dermatologists

Always, always, always put on sunscreen when you are going to be outside. The sun’s UV rays can cause major damage to your skin if you are not careful. It can cause premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Opt for a sunscreen with at least 30 – 50 SPF and apply multiple times if you plan on going swimming.  Not sure what sunscreen is best? Click here to check out some of ours!

Recently, several sunscreen brands were found to be contaminated with Benzene, which has been known to cause cancer. But don’t worry. The Derm isn’t one of them! Be sure to avoid any brands that contain Benzene:

  • Neutrogena
  • Sun Bum
  • CVS Health
  • Fruit of the Earth
Avoid heavy use Of Makeup

Wearing too much makeup can prevent the skin from breathing. Heat and humidity also prevent the skin from breathing and can cause a buildup of oil and dirt, making your skin break out.

Avoid makeup if you can, and try a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen like our Sheer Physical Sunscreen to help your skin breathe while looking glamorous!



sunscreen, best sunblock, recommended by dermatologists, moisturize

Keeping your skin’s natural moisture locked in is essential in the summer. A good moisturizer or serum will help keep your skin soft and supple, while also providing a layer of protection. Search for a moisturizer with antioxidants like vitamins A and C, and use sunscreen over top. Always apply your moisturizer when you get done showering to lock in the moisture.

Have you tried our Advanced Hydrating Serum? Pair it with a moisturizer in order to quench your dehydrated skin and provide all-day moisture retention!


Eat Lots Of Fruits And Veggies

Vegetables like cucumbers and lettuce work to cool your body down from the inside. Choose seasonal fruits like watermelon, musk melon, or other citrus fruits to hydrate your body this summer.

Want to know what other great foods are good for your skin? Check out this blog post on 10 Foods To Eat To Benefit Your Skin!


Avoid Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks can make you feel sluggish because of the excess sugar, and they don’t provide any value to the body. They also do not have any hydrating qualities. If anything, they could make you unhealthier and cause weight gain.  When in doubt, always opt for water.

Learn more about how sugar can affect the body?


Wear Breathable Clothing

For the summer, cotton fabrics are your best bet. Avoid tight-fitting clothes as they can cause you to sweat more which makes your skin itchy and irritated. Wearing light, loose-fitting clothing allows your skin to breathe and helps prevent irritation and breakouts.


Shower At Least Once A Day

Good hygiene is very important year-round, but even more so during the summer months. A cool shower before you go to bed can help wash away all of the sweat and dirt that has accumulated on your body throughout the day.

Always remember to moisturize your skin after you bathe to lock the moisture in your skin.

Does My Skincare Change With The Seasons?


Yes! Your skin changes with the seasons so you need to have the right routine for each season. While summer requires lots sunscreening, winter needs more heavy-duty moisturizing to combat the dry weather. To learn more about caring for your skin during the winter, click here!

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