lip plumping, injections, botox, dysport

5 Myths About Lip Filler

lip plumping, injections, botox, dysport

Lip fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. But there are tons of myths about lip fillers because of “influencer culture” and social media. We’ll discuss the truths behind these myths and how you can ensure that your lip fillers are done correctly and beautifully.


1. Getting Lip Fillers is Painful

Not completely! Your dermatologist will numb the skin with anesthetic, and many fillers actually have lidocaine (a numbing agent) so there is less pain after the initial injection. Most patients comment that the procedure is much less painful than anticipated. 

2. Lip Fillers Will Make Me Look Plastic and Fake

If they are done correctly they won’t! Of course, there are individuals out there who have gone overboard with fillers, but when your experienced dermatologist injects lip fillers, they should do so with the goal of enhancing the lip shape you already have, so the result is natural and beautiful. If the injector puts in too much filler, it can look over the top and fake, which is why choosing the right dermatologist to work with you is very important.

3. Lip Fillers Are Permanent

Wrong again! Although there are permanent options for those who do not want to have to keep getting injections over time, exploring that option should be thoroughly discussed with your dermatologist if you are considering getting fillers. Because the face, bones, and soft tissue change over time, permanent filler is not going to look the same on your face as it may have 10 years ago. If you are unhappy with the way your fillers look, or if you decide after having them for awhile that you would prefer your natural lips, they can absolutely be dissolved and reversed. An enzyme called hyaluronidase is used to break up the acid in the fillers and dissolve them.

4. You Can Walk In and Get Lip Fillers

Some places may allow same-day procedures, but we would highly recommend that you sit down with your doctor for a consultation first. You and your dermatologist should discuss your goals and concerns about the procedure, a long-term plan for your lips, how often you will be getting filler if more than once, and what type of filler should be used. It is always encouraged to bring photos of lip enhancements that you do like, and those of which you do not like the look. However, while sometimes you may be tempted to bring a photo of Kylie Jenner and say, “Give me her lips!” It’s important to remember that lip filler looks different on different people. Your dermatologist will do everything that they can to give you lip fillers that look as close to your desired lips as possible, but they also want to ensure that your filler looks the best on YOU. 

5. Lip Fillers Are Only For People With Thin Lips

While the most common reason that people get fillers is to fill out the shape and plumpness of their lips, filler is also used to adjust Cupid’s bows, asymmetry in the lips, and disproportionate lips. Even lips that are only dry and cracked can be made to appear smoother, healthier, and glossier with lip fillers. Consult with your local dermatologist to find out if lip fillers can help you!

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