The Derm Institute of West Michigan

Skin treatment is never just skin deep.

The Derm Institute of West Michigan knows that when you suffer from a chronic skin condition, your treatment shouldn’t be surface level. It needs to incorporate every part of your life. It needs to be personal. That’s why our respected staff goes beyond basic to create a plan that works for your schedule, your skin, and you.

Chronic skin conditions are beyond cosmetic. The dangers of a severe rash or skin cancer require a skilled hand and quality care. They call for top-level practitioners who have the expertise to accurately diagnose your condition and determine the best possible course of action. And most importantly, they call for practitioners who take the time to get to know you. The Derm Institute believes in tackling your chronic condition as a team. We’re committed to personalizing your treatment, which is why we start by listening to your skin story and then incorporating a skin solution that’s a perfect match for you. We don’t just write a prescription. We listen, and use your story to find the best care.

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Our Team

Whether you have a skin condition that requires advanced medical care or you wish to simply preserve your skin's youthful appearance, our experienced medical staff, along with our “patient-first” mindset and dedication to providing the latest treatments, will ensure your unique skin concerns are diagnosed and resolved not just on the surface, but where it matters most: at their source. Access to qualified skin care is a rare find. There’s no need to travel to the best, because it’s right here in West Michigan.

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Lisa Bowersox, PA-C

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Jessica Zwolinski, FNP-C