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Acne Treatment

Acne affects many teens and adults on a daily basis. The source of your acne may vary depending on genetics, age, and personal schedule. Even when washing your face twice a day with the best commercial scrub, breakouts can still occur. The many factors of acne require personal care to better understand the larger picture. When suffering from chronic acne, we provide in-depth solutions when over-the-counter treatments just aren’t enough. 

Don’t worry, and don’t pop them - get personal treatment so you never have to fear surprise breakouts again. Take advantage of professional skincare, so you can take on every day with confidence.

Acne before shot from the frontAcne after treatment results from the frontAcne before treatment from the sideAcne before treatment from the side







“Madeline is so happy with her skin now and we are so happy she continues to maintain these results. It really was life-changing for her–she was getting to a point where she didn’t even want to leave the house. Her confidence has significantly improved! I was reluctant at first due to all the potential side effects, but it was so worth it for her. Thanks to The Derm Institute of West MI for all the help along the way!” - Julie (Mother of Madeline)