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A wart is a virus on the surface level of the skin. Warts aren’t cancerous, however, they can be unsightly and uncomfortable. While some go away on their own, many remain for months or even years, and can easily spread. It doesn’t help that some warts, like plantar warts, are highly contagious and can spread to other people or even other parts of the body. Plus, they are stubborn against over-the-counter treatment and home remedies. Fortunately, they’re easily removed by board-certified dermatologists.

The Derm Institute offers various treatments to help combat pesky warts.

SWIFT is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes microwave therapy that delivers highly-controlled energy directly to the affected area and eliminates the wart. During a SWIFT treatment, tissue is replaced, repaired, and regenerated.

SWIFT treatments are done one month apart. On average a patient needs 3 treatments, but can sometimes need up to 5. SWIFT offers amazing results in a short amount of time with very little downtime.

We are the only dermatologist's office in Grand Rapids that offers this special SWIFT treatment device.